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The Future of Good Grant Recipients

Chris S.

Age: 16 Kinston, NC
Born and raised in Kinston, Chris is a teenage nonprofit CEO, community leader, entrepreneur and change-maker. Chris is the founder of Kinston Teens, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on empowering youth through service, leadership and civic engagement. Learn More

Evan A.

Age: 16 Neenah, WI
As a 16-year-old high school junior, Evan is the founder of the organization “Step Up To The Plate.” His mission is to provide baseball equipment to under-privileged kids in his local community and around the world. Learn More

Parker H.

Age: 15 Snow Hill, NC
Parker founded the nonprofit youth community theater group “Kids on Stage” in 2015. The group’s mission is to bring to life great stories with great storytellers, both on stage and in the community. They inspire kids to do their best through collaboration and accountability, as well as a commitment to community. Learn More

Quinn R.

Age: 13 Craigsville, WV
After fasting for 36 hours for medical reasons, Quinn realized how difficult it was to experience true hunger. She decided to create "Hunger Heroes" to help raise funds for kids in her community without adequate food, especially during the summer months. “Hunger Heroes” raises money and depends on donations and volunteers, from the community, to complete the mission. Learn More

The Future of Good Stories


Within a community with one of America’s highest incarceration rates, Ryan is planting seeds of change. As an educational coordinator and the youngest board member of Teens Grow Greens, Ryan helps inner city kids develop skills through hands-on experience in personal responsibility, healthy living, leadership and entrepreneurship. Through this work, Ryan helps empower teenagers, helps them find their voice, and provides them with the opportunity to grow. Learn More

Juli, Jason
and Colby

As the founding members of Project Playback, Juli, Jason and Colby help patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by collecting donated MP3 Players, then working with patients to provide them with playlists based on their musical interests. Through the power of music, these three remarkable teens create personal connections with the older generation, bringing them peace and happiness, and making a lasting impact on the greater community as a whole. Learn More


Since she was six years old, Raegan has been helping people and communities affected by natural disasters. To raise money, she makes bracelets and gives them to stores, asking for donations in return, and uses the funds raised to buy supplies to send to families in need. Over the past five years, she’s sent supplies to communities across the United States, spreading much-needed hope and positivity. Learn More

Meet Past Recipients

"Everyone has a gift that they can use to serve their community."

Katie is the founder of Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps, a service organization in Oklahoma City, OK, made up of high school trumpet players who use their musical gifts to honor military veterans. In the past year, Katie has received national print and social media exposure, launching her organization to the next level — she now has 125 volunteers in 30 states. She continues to be very involved in her community, having volunteered over 300 hours in the past year serving her organization and others. Learn More

— Katie

“We want kids in foster care to know that they are loved, even when they feel alone, and to give them hope when they feel hopeless.”

Bundles of Hope is a nonprofit organization that helps kids through their first night in foster care by providing them with a backpack full of basic necessities.

There are over 400,000 kids in the United States in foster care today. The goal of this organization is to make sure that each and every one of them knows that they’re not alone, that there is hope and that there will be a better tomorrow.

As an organization with members who know firsthand what’s it’s like to be in foster care, comforting kids in their darkest hour is a cause that will always be close to their hearts. Learn More

— Bundles of Hope

"It feels better to give than receive."

Lia is the founder of the Hopeful Hearts Club, a group that throws birthday parties and hosts other special events for kids at Hope House, the homeless shelter in Manitowoc, WI. Since last year, the Hopeful Hearts Club has grown so much that Lia has lost count of all its members. This year, at 12 years old, Lia was named Manitowoc’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year, becoming the youngest person to ever receive a key to the city. Learn More

— Lia

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